The Socratic Center

10 Questions for Your Contemplation

While you are thinking about whether we can be of help to you, please take a few
minutes to answer to what extent you feel you agree or disagree with the following
questions. We will contact you with feedback. All responses are held in strict confidence.
Thank you.

1. I want a more meaningful and fulfilling life.                                                   

2. I feel sure about the next step on my journey.                                              

3. I feel like I would like to explore my life purpose.                                         

4. I feel stuck in a rut.                                                                                              

5. I would like to focus more energy on goals I truly desire.                           

6. I often feel tired or overwhelmed.                                                                    

7. I feel like I am living my life to please others.                                                

8. Procrastination keeps me from making progress on something I hold dear.

9. I feel I am putting 100% into achieving my goals.                                        

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