“Remember always that you not only have the right to be an individual, you have an obligation to be one.”



“After having only a few sessions with Alban, I've discovered more about myself than I have in the past five years of my life. I know where my insecurities come from. I explore and dissect my doubts and insecurities with Alban and now they are no longer fears or doubts; they are old news.
Alban has the gift of really listening. With that gift he is able to ask questions that get to the core of the issue at hand. The powerful and thoughtful questions you need to answer. I am free from the grip of doubt I've lived with all my life. Alban creates an environment comfortable enough for me that allow me to express feelings that I never thought I would ever be able to. I am happy. Although I am only starting my journey of self-discovery, I am happy.
My life no longer overwhelms me. My past no longer haunts me or taunts me. I am thankful for the present, and flourish in it. I take care of my responsibilities and am happy to do so.
Working with Alban is like pulling all of the weeds residing inside myself; the weeds living in my unconscious, in my soul, preventing the beautiful, colorful, and delicious smelling flowers from growing. We pull those weeds every time we speak to each other and plant seeds of confidence, self worth, beauty and positivity. 
For the first time in my life I feel validated and HEARD. 
Alban is supportive, intuitive and the most attentive listener. He's helped me find clarity in all aspects of my life. I am the confident young woman I always wanted to be.”

—B.E. New York

“Lately, when asked how I am, instead of replying with the perfunctory and habitual "Fine thanks, and you?”, I am happy to report that I have been answering using the descriptive "happy.”
Lest you think I’ve gone all Pollyanna, I am a realistic woman and still feel and acknowledge and sadness and disappointment at times. Since working with Alban, I now without any hesitation or reservation use “happy” as the first descriptive.
Alban’s unconventional and creative approach to counseling has shown light on areas of my life that I thought I had successfully shoved under the rug. Once and for all.
I can’t express enough what exquisite relief it is to be seen. With Alban’s kind, direct, insightful and dedicated way, I have been asked to drop all pretenses, stories and the excuses. I have been asked to live a life examined. Through my work with Alban, I now recognize patterns that do not support me and can then make other choices. I am able to feel and express joy. Oh sure, I still run into fear now and again, but I’m not afraid of it!
I am so fortunate to have Alban on my team.”

—Nancy, Hoboken, NJ

“After only a few sessions with Alban Wilson, I am empowered, no longer frozen in my self-induced inertia. When I sense that Alban leads me, I realize that he is actually behind me, with encouraging words. When I imagine that he gives me words to actualize my power, I realize later that they are MY words, with Alban as the megaphone. He came to me when I was powerless, and now I sense my own power at unexpected and appropriate times. I owe a great debt to Alban Wilson. One day, I will be constantly strong, not needing Alban, but forever holding his words in my heart.”

—SDP, Texas

“Through a series of thought-provoking questions, Mr. Wilson coached me in my journey of inner-self discovery. I recommend this service to anyone who wants to quickly reach new heights of personal excellence in their business, family or personal life.”

—RKY, New York

“Wow! What can I say? After trying many other ways, Mr. Wilson's counseling helped me get where I needed to go, very quickly.”

—AJC, Arizona

“Mr. Wilson has an exceptional ability to listen carefully and help cut through the outer layers of uncertainty or confusion that prohibit growth. He has helped me come to realizations that have made me more true to myself and my beliefs.”

—JKE, New York

“I will always consider our discussions very fruitful. Your wisdom is far beyond your years.”

—T. Sanzone, New Jersey

“After two sessions with Alban, I had a major breakthrough—a realization of something that’s been holding me back for years. His gentle guidance and non-judgmental style gave me the confidence to trust him, let down my considerable guard, and open up in ways I hadn’t with others. I could sense his sincerity and that he was specifically there to help me, and that’s what made the difference. Since my breakthrough, I’ve experienced an inner calm and acceptance about a certain matter that I was simply not able to achieve on my own (though I’d totally convinced myself I could). I’m very grateful for the extraordinary help Alban has given me and for the Truth he’s helped reveal in this very short amount of time.”

—CB, New Orleans, Louisiana